Our geekiness truly comes out with our online ordering solution. We are from a time when a collection of software was known as a 'suite', now we're bringing it to your restaurant through a web online presence or a kiosk solution.

When we first introduced the name of our software solution, SuiteOrders, someone close and familiar to us said, “That is absolutely geeky! Nobody uses the word ‘suite’ anymore.” Well he was right in both cases; we are geeks and we are from the time when a collection of software was known as a ‘suite’. Are you ready for a web online presence or a kiosk solution? Or maybe you would love to add ordering to your current phone app? Our Suite is here to help.

  1. Increase your sales by allowing customers to order from anywhere with any device, they’ll love you for it!
  2. Increase customer loyalty by allowing customers to use your loyalty system to redeem rewards and earn points while ordering online, and if you don’t have a loyalty system we have one built into our system.
  3. Brand awareness has never looked so good with custom design available for any of our platforms.
  4. Manage all of these systems from our state of the art administration console.

Suite Orders

  1. Order anywhere, with any device
  2. Integrate with your current loyalty system
  3. Bring brand awareness with a custom web design
  4. State-of-the-art administration console

An enterprise data warehouse solution that puts information at your fingertips. Your data from POS, HR, Finances and all your other ERP systems integrated into one central depository and built on Microsoft SQL Server.

Information at your fingertips! This is the perfect system for someone who is looking for an enterprise data warehouse solution that can pull all of your data from POS, HR, Finance and any of your other ERP systems and integrate that data into one central repository. Built on the Microsoft SQL Server platform we leverage SSIS for enterprise integration, SSRS for reporting and Analysis Server for large data volume crunching.

  1. SSIS for enterprise integration
  2. SSTS for reporting
  3. Analysis Server for large data crunching
  4. Active Break Compliance
  5. DRM Integrations
  6. Direct access to your data with SQL Server Management Studio connections
  7. Custom e-mails and reports through SomiWorks
  1. We start with our own proprietary data warehouse specialized for Point of Sale systems and then build on that to meet our customers own unique needs.
  2. Active Break Compliance – Send out break compliance alerts through emails, texts and reporting before your employees go into penalty time.
  3. CRM Integration – Combine data from your Point of Sale systems, OpenTable®, QSR®, Loyalty and any other system mashed together for a full 360 view of your customers and uploaded to Salesforce®.
  4. Access your data with direct SQL Server Management Studio connections (or other third party tools) to the database, it’s your data, go ahead and take a look.
  5. And last but not least, get custom emails and reports through the Somi Works reporting portal with Custom reports, we do that too.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Software Development

Software Development

We love software! Do you want a more efficient and user friendly web application, mobile app or database? You dream it, we build it.

You dream it, we build it. Did we mention that we love software? We really do, we are geeky that way. We get excited about new tools and techniques that make web applications, mobile apps and even database more efficient and user friendly. That translates into software that works, and who doesn’t love software that works? Here is a small sample of some of our latest projects.

  1. Custom web applications on multiple platforms
  2. Customer facing websites or corporate based applications
  3. Check out some of the cool applications we have built for our customers
  1. Custom web applications designed with you and your customers in mind. Built on the latest web technology you can rest assured that your dream will be around for a long, long time and will work on almost any platform.
  2. Whether it’s a customer facing website or a corporate based application behind a firewall we can help you bring your idea to life.
  3. Check out some of the cool applications we have built for our customers.