The tool you need to efficiently analyze your financial data.
A powerful, centralized and secure data warehouse is the basis for useful custom reports and the first step in leveraging Microsoft's BI Platform. Get in touch with your restaurant's data so you and your team can accurately plan for your growth.
Whether you have a handful of locations or hundreds, a centralized data repository is essential to analyze and plan your company's finances and labor.
  • Accumulate data across multiple software platforms and multiple properties into a single, secure repository
  • Use secure communication channels to access your data using tools like Excel and Access
The SomiWorks reporting portal is the gateway to your data. Work with our team to create unique and useful operational reports for your company's specific objectives.
  • Provide user access to your team to a secure online reporting portal
  • Set report-level access for your users so the right people on your team have access to the reports that are most useful to them
  • Set up daily or weekly subscriptions and schedule report deliveries so that people in your company receive important reports straight to their inbox
Use Analysis Services and BI tools to create and examine large amounts of data and complicated computations on an ad hoc basis.
  • Work with our team to build powerful, efficient and customized data cubes to handle the most complicated analytics
  • Use Excel to view your cubes - you do not need to be a programmer to analyze your company's data

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